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Megan Dickinson  |  Senior Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates Insturctor

Joseph Pilates designed a method of exercise using both mat & nowadays reformer equipment to improve our flexibility, strength and stability of the inner core. The inner core has been described as the universal base of all movement in which the original introduction of Pilates was to formulate exercises to strengthen the mind and the body to help improve our health. Over the years this has been developed more specifically with injury management and prevention with a Physiotherapist’s guidance – Clinical Pilates.

Why Choose Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is being used more and more by Physiotherapist’s to help reduce pain & restore functional movement patterns necessary for patient’s to return to their previous functional level. The power of movement and muscle activation is used to help mobilise, strengthen and address the contributing causes that lead to a patient’s injury. Clinical Pilates is used to address a number of common injuries from knee & hip pain, neck & shoulder pain & most commonly lower back pain & dysfunction. More specifically, Pilates is used to treat lumbar disc injuries, facet sprains or degeneration & for general lower back postural muscle pain.

With lower back injuries, quite commonly the transverse abdominis & gluteal muscles are inhibited or in simple terms can “switch off” in response to pain. When in fact these are the exact muscles are required to protect and move our low back & pelvis.  Clinical Pilates uses the principals of muscle activation & stabilising exercises to help restore movement and function and in turn minimise back pain. When our bodies experience pain there is a breakdown in communication between the brain & the muscles. A message that the body is in pain is sent to the brain, the receptors in the brain process a response and ideally send a message to the appropriate muscles to contract or relax accordingly. A Clinical Pilates program for low back pain consists of exercises focussed on activating the gluteal & transverse abdominis muscles as well as hip flexor lengthening & lumbo-pelvic mobility to reduce the load on the low back & overactive spinal muscles.

Clinical Pilates Hawthorn

Clinical Pilates at Sportspinal Health

At Sportspinal Health our Clinical Pilates program is primarily equipment based, using our reformer machines & trapeze tables. The adjustable spring loading capacity of the equipment allows for progressive challenges of loading, movement control, balance and proprioception all with functional specific goals as the basis of each exercise prescribed.

  • Clinical Pilates can also help with a number of other injuries or conditions such as;
  • neck & Upper back pain/injury
  • shoulder pathologies – Including rotator cuff strengthening & scapula stabilising exercises
  • general fitness & toning
  • pre & post-natal fitness & strengthening
  • running related rehabilitation
  • rehab following recurrent hamstring and groin injuries
  • pre & Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • sports specific performance – E.g. Running rehab
  • injury prevention
  • joint hypermobility & associated disorders
  • osteoporosis/Osteopenia
  • falls risk & balance
  • physical disabilities

As well as being a useful method for rehabilitation, Pilates is a great low impact fitness activity placing minimal stress on your joints. At Sportspinal Health, we offer individual, private or group classes. Keeping the class numbers low allows our Physiotherapists to maximise their attention on your injury, rehabilitation and fitness goals. Come in and see the team at Sportspinal Health for an assessment today.

Keeping you safe & Making you Strong!

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